Persons sixty-five years and over already represent 13 percent of the total population in America, and by 2025, there will be 59 million elderly Americans, representing 21 percent of the population of the United Line States. Furthermore, the percentage of the population over age eighty-five 5 will increase from about 1 percent currently to 5 percent in 2050. This population trend has been referred to as the graying of America. To explain this demographic change, we must look to three factor. Fertility, mortality, and immigration in large part influence all demographic trends and the graying of America is no exception, The large number of children born after World War II will increase the pool of elderly between 2010 and Read more


Canada is a democracy organized as a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government modeled after that of Great Britain. The official head of state in Canada is Queen Elizabeth Line II of Britain, who is also Queen of Canada. The governor-general is 5 the queen’s personal representative in Canada and the official head of the Canadian parliament, although with very limited powers. The federal parliament in Canada consists of the House of Commons and the Senate. The actual head of government is the ? prime minister, who is responsible for choosing a cabinet. The cabinet consists of a group of ministers of varied expertise who serve with the support of the House of Commons. They are responsible for Read more

The Print Revolution

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The print revolution

For more than five thousand years  from the dawn of civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt, people in the West wrote by hand. Imperial decrees, sacred scriptures, commercial transactions, private letters -all required the skills of a select group of scribes, clerks, or monks» In Korea and China, however, mechanical printing using carved wooden blocks had been introduced by A.D 750. Moveable type, using characters made of baked clay, was invented in China in the eleventh century. But the Chinese continued to prefer block printing well into the modem period. Written Chinese consists of thousands of ideographic characters. The labor of creating, organizing, and setting so many different bits of type made it much simpler to cut individual pages from a Read more

The historical “yes” Croatians gave for you to European Union membership at this month’s referendum might mean good things for the country’s travel and leisure, sector experts believe. The nice side of membership is larger chance for Croatia real estate. That even better (travel and leisure) days are on the horizon for EU-bound Croatia think a lot of hotel owners and tour operators. The director regarding German ID Riva tours Selimir Ognjenovic, for example, thinks that the referendum outcome delivered a good signal to German visitors. “The German public, regular people, appreciate Croatia’s “yes” at a minute when the EU is not in its best shape. That’s interpreted just as one outstretched hand of a partner, rather than an attempt Read more

Croatia is the most coveted Western european traveller destination for English folk in 2012, according to information distributed lately by the most important UK tour operator, Thomson UK. Demand for Croatian destinations is 55 per cent higher than at the very same time last year, the Croatian Visitor Board reports. Of all the destinations listed in Thomson UK’s catalogue, Croatia was the sole country whose recognition increased. Additionally, the Croatian islands of Rab and Brac were listed as this year’s most popular destinations in the Sunday Times’s well-liked Sunday Travel supplement. Croatia has increasingly become a popular destination for the Brits, who during the past traditionally rushed to Spanish resorts. In Croatia, where the Mediterranean, the mountains and the Pannonian Read more